Introducing the

Impact Collective

A By-Invitation Group

100 Impact-Driven CEOs, Investors & Founders
Committed to Positive Change

We fanatically focus on R.O.I. (Return on Impact)

The world Is changing.

Let’s change it together. 

for the better

We believe that there are a million good ideas that never see the light of day because the path to success is too hard, too expensive and too risky for most would-be entrepreneurs.

Our world has changed with each technological revolution.

First, there was the agricultural revolution, then came the industrial revolution. Next was the information age. All required extensive capital and labor.

The next revolution is upon us, and can do more to end inequality than any other revolution that preceded it.

The next revolution will change everything - making it possible to launch, validate and scale impact-driven change (and commerce) with a fraction of the risk, capital and time required to start most businesses today.


Welcome to the SaaS age.

Where great ideas can become great companies in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of cost.

Today, any app that solves one problem, improves one inefficiency or creates one opportunity for one group of people can help make the world a better place. But until now, most real-world problem solving ideas never saw the light of day unless they were for massive markets and funded by large VC firms, because the barrier to entry for most entrepreneurs was too high.

We’re changing all that... 

and doing so in a way that will forever change the tech industry.

Since the very first time capital was deployed by investors, efficiency has been measured in return on investment, or return on capital. Profits, first and foremost.

In the SaaS age, it will be measured differently - in return on time, and return on impact.

The businesses that launch faster, and make impact quicker - will win.


The world has changed. The question is - will you be changed by it - or will it be changed by you?


Project 10K is assembling a small group of visionary entrepreneurs, investors, creators and luminaries committed to changing the world one purpose built app at a time - at scale, helping our economy move from the information age - driven by advertising, to a SaaS Age, which promotes conscious capitalism, and where success is measured by impact that produces sustainable returns at low cost - closing the wealth gap thru innovation instead of taxation.


Free markets. Free people.

We believe that capitalism is inherently good, and that free market capitalism has done more to improve life than any other system in the world. We can make it better.

For many, the engine of free market capitalism - entrepreneurship, is unattainable due to unnecessarily high barriers to entry. Most people lack the relational, structural or financial capital, to develop, deploy and prove their innovative, problem solving business ideas.

As a result, 100’s of thousands of great ideas go to die without ever knowing the collective impact that they could have made - because those who control the capital cherry pick the ventures and people they are willing to invest in - focused on funding the next unicorn.


For every billion dollar unicorn, there are 1,000 companies that made a million dollars -
generating the same economic impact at a fraction of the risk.

A diverse portfolio lowers risk

A key tenet of effective investing - diversification. Consider this question: Would you rather have put all your money on Meta (formerly Facebook), and hope it delivers, or invested in a diverse portfolio of 1,000+ companies that, like Meta, have monetized a diverse range of SaaS opportunities to solve a diverse range of problems for diverse audiences?


Apps create access to tools, information and resources previously unavailable to many people throughout the world. Apps will create an entirely new generation of entrepreneurs, closing the wealth gap and lowering the barrier to entry for thousands of entrepreneurs.


We believe that the greatest inequities can all be solved through entrepreneurial thinking, and the greatest form of capital that can have the greatest impact - is experiential capital - the lessons learned from the school of hard knocks. Think about it - what would you have paid to learn from someone who successfully navigated all the problems you faced growing your business?

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. They connect the dots. They have a rare combination of empathy, insight and creativity that - given the right resources, could solve problems that lead to greater efficiency that’s not at the cost of human capital.


Apps. The new currency of freedom.

A sound idea and the right guidance can create an app that solves real world, meaningful problems ...

... like Patrick and John Collison

Collison Stripe-01.jpg

Patrick and John were struggling to integrate a payment processor into their online store, which led them to building Stripe, a solution they prototyped in 2 weeks. Today, their company is worth over $95 billion.

... or Apoorva Mehta

Mehta Instacart-02-01.jpg

A former Amazon employee and anti-shopping enthusiast, Apoorva was overwhelmed with work and family life, and struggled to find time to make a grocery run. His SaaS idea, Instacart, is now a $39 billion company.

Most app ideas never start.

For every problem the world has, there are thousands of creative problem solvers with ideas that never see the light of day because they can’t get the attention (and support) of the big VC firms who wait patiently for their next unicorn to invest in.

But - how’s that working? Honestly?

What could 10,000 entrepreneurs have done with the billions of dollars Meta sunk into the Metaverse over the last 6 years?

We believe that the way to decrease the concentration of wealth and close the wealth gap isn’t to take it from the rich and give it to the poor - but rather, to empower any individual with the desire and opportunity to make life better for someone else - at work, at home, in their community - to execute and create their new business by giving them the tools, talent and leadership to do it.


Our Core Advantage 


By compressing time, and reducing the cost to validate an idea, we dramatically lower the risk, and lower the cash-flow required to provide ROI.

We’ve already iterated 100 ideas faster than it takes most venture studios to launch 10, and that’s just in our first year!

We see the future ...

and the future is SaaS.

Our vision is to close the wealth gap, by helping launch 10K startups in 10 years.  10K Successful businesses that make life better - for businesses, individuals and the communities where they reside.

Our mission is to democratize tech, making business ownership universally accessible to everyone - regardless of background, gender, race, age, experience or history.

20x better odds. We’ll accomplish this by dramatically improving the odds of startup success - from 2% to as much as 40%, by creating a proven business operating system that dramatically lowers the time, cost and risk for any incubator, accelerator or venture studio to launch a successful SaaS business (which makes it easy and ok for businesses to have shorter life cycles).


Everyone needs food, water, shelter. 
Nearly everyone has a smartphone.

And all smartphones need apps.

SaaS is the new frontier ...

and we're just getting started.

While most investors are out searching for the next fin-tech, edu-tech, health-tech or prop-tech investment, we see MASSIVE opportunities to make legacy industries and services more efficient and effective, one app at a time.


Like Dr. Crystal Morrison, a mother of 3, who was blessed to have a special needs child, but wasn’t prepared for the demands of being more caregiver than mom, so she created Meerkat Village, a platform that connects special needs parents with a village of supporting adults - therapists, teachers, specialists, grandparents, neighbors and friends - all in support of a special child - a market that’s estimated to exceed 4.3% of all children under 18.


Or how Curtis Platt, an entrepreneur who was frustrated that local small businesses couldn’t compete with fortune 100 loyalty programs, created Lealzy, a cooperative loyalty program for small businesses that allow the purchases at one store result in loyalty rewards consumers can redeem at any other participating store. Now, consumers have similar incentives for supporting small businesses as they do online or at big-box stores, but with the charm and friendliness they can only get from local merchants

An extra $1,000 of take home cash will prevent the majority of small businesses from going bankrupt.

Big Profits from small businesses

with less risk.

VC giants are chasing the next Facebook, IG, or other massive idea.

And turn away over 100K ideas every year.

We want to help the good ideas that get passed on every day successfully launch and help reduce the concentration of wealth.

We want ideas like that of Meerkat Village or Lealzy or many others focused on impact in our portfolio.

There are over 7 Billion people on the planet.
Soon, everyone will use at least 1 paid app they depend on.


Here's where you come in.

Closing the leadership gap.

Every great movement has a team of great leaders, advisors, and collaborators who assembled together, aligned around a common mission.

Our mission - to make life better, and deliver the highest R.O.I (return on Impact) of any group this century.

To do this will require a league of extraordinary entrepreneurs, investors, creative problem solvers and community leaders - aligned around 1 big idea.

Democratizing tech to launch, validate and scale 10,000 SaaS apps in 10 years.

Become part of the
Impact Collective

Lifetime membership

Your investment provides you with lifetime access to an exclusive group of 100 extraordinary, like-minded entrepreneurs. There will only be 100 active members at any time. This elite group of leaders have high-integrity, excellent reputations in the community, are socially conscious, and extremely-successful, and are committed to building sustainable solutions that produce Return on Impact.

First look at 1,000's of vetted, SaaS startups

Impact Collective members get first look at new opportunities to leverage their intellectual, relational and financial capital for equity in new portfolio companies.Equity that can be acquired for your investments of time, money or other resources that help our companies launch and scale.

Some companies we acquire interest in may have solutions for industries you have business interests in. You’ll get first look at potential deal flow and collaboration.

Earn equity & share in the profits

In just our first year, Project 10K, LLC has earned 25%-100% equity in over 50 companies we’ve already co-founded, with thousands more planned in the coming years. Companies that will pay distributions on a quarterly basis once specific levels of profitability are achieved, or during liquidity events - including exits or IPOs.

As a Member of the Impact Collective, your participation can earn you warrants with nominal strike prices (.01 each) for shares in Impact Collective, LLC, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) that owns 5% equity in Project 10K. Warrants are awarded for your participation, referrals, or advice and can be exercised prior to any distribution or liquidity event, allowing you to capture profits from the growth of our portfolio when profits or proceeds are distributed.

Invitation to attend one P10K Elite Experience each year

Project 10K Elite masterminds are held throughout the year at prestigious business schools, like Babson College and Notre Dame University. During these small, intimate events, twelve to sixteen 7, 8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs pitch their 3 best SaaS ideas. The group (including investors and Impact Collective members in attendance) pick the top 12-16 ideas to refine, vet and re-pitch in 48 hours. Then, those in attendance form a new portfolio of the ideas that are greenlit by the group - with every member in attendance getting equity in the resulting portfolio.

P10K Elite, a 2 day validation intensive held in collaboration with top 50 business schools who invite stand-out students to apply for paid internships as an Entrepreneur In Residence, where they will work side-by-side with this elite group of co-founders to launch the selected ideas. You can watch a trailer from the last event here: Project10K.com/elite.

Invitation to the Impact Collective Annual Retreat

Exclusive (and optional) for members of the Impact Collective, we’ll meet for 2 days before the annual SaaS Summit for ideation, adventure, and growth. Special guests, outings, offers from select partners and first looks make this a unique format to collaborate and enjoy fellowship and some exceptional fun*.

Monthly AMA sessions with portfolio companies

On the 3rd Thursday of each month, Project 10K features select portfolio companies during Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. Members who attend earn “Impact” Points (which can be exchanged for Warrants) when they participate and provide support, guidance or connections that remove blocks or accelerate growth

Member only resources

Members also have access to a private vault of resources exclusive to the Impact Collective.. Our easy to use, private portal makes it convenient for members to connect, collaborate and win together, providing quick and meaningful ROI for everyone who engages and takes advantage of our concierge services.

Featured interview on NASDAQ TV

P10K has a strong relationship with NASDAQ and has launched a weekly streaming video series titled Tech Talk With Jared Yellin. Episodes are featured on the NASDAQ website.

Platform discounts

Save 10-40% on any portfolio offerings - for you, or any company you have controlling interest in.

Behind the Scenes of Project 10K

Part of our mission is to democratize tech. One way we accomplish this is through radical transparency, sharing details of how our portfolio companies are ideating, planning, launching and scaling.

As a member, you’ll also get a behind the scenes look at how we, as a company, are managing rapid growth. Monthly BTS sessions will share our wins, losses and interesting moments that any entrepreneur could benefit from.

Quarterly deal sessions with the Impact Collective

Each quarter, members can share investment opportunities (3rd party or their own), new tech, trends or other inside information that supports the community, and earn Change points redeemable for warrants in Project 10K. Members can also post information or ask for support in our private forum - when time is of the essence. Because the Impact Collective is a curated group of extraordinary entrepreneurs and investors, the quality of answers and opportunities is unmatched..

... and here's the best part ... 

Your purchase of the Impact Collective membership can be expensed to your business against this year’s income, and is pre-tax.

We see the future
and the future is SaaS


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